3 ways to prevent your coil from burning

3 ways to prevent your coil from burning

Ever felt a burnt or bitter taste in your mouth while vaping? That is because the coils are burnt. No one enjoys such an experience and it is better to not let your vape situation come at this point. So, in this article, we are about to tell you a few ways to prevent your coil from burning.

Prime the coils

It is very important that you prime your coils initially before you start to vape. This is because if you do not prime them, you risk burning your coil even before you even use the vape.

Initially, when you first put a coil inside the vape, you need to ensure that the wick is soaked completely. For this process to be completed, you need to wait for a while, approximately for 5 minutes or so, so that the wick is completely soaked between the filling time and the vaping time. Now, priming is not essential if the wick is all soaked, but how will you be able to tell this? You can’t, and if the wick is not soaked as required, it might cause the coil to be burnt.

Stop the habit of ‘chain vaping’

So, what’s chain vaping? It’s basically continuous vaping until there are clouds of smoke all around you. This might cause your coils to burn too because you need to give some time for your wick to get soaked in juice again. If you keep doing it and doing it without any gap, it will cause the wick to eventually dry out and give you that burnt, weird taste your mouth. And nobody wants that, do they?

To stop this from happening and ruining your vaping experience is to stop vaping for a while. If you vape and feel like you feel lesser of the taste than before, it is time to stop for a while and wait.

Is your power setting set to high?

The power settings really matter, especially if you want to vape for a while continuously, or are sitting among a group of friends and everyone uses your device to vape. You may be wondering why? Well, this is because the higher the power setting, the more the juice that is vaporized. And since the juice is being utilized at a greater rate, it is harder for the wick to get soaked completely and it starts to face issues, causing your vaping experience to get ruined by the burnt and bitter taste in your mouth. Hence, keep your power setting low, especially if you feel like vaping constantly.

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