All About Fruity Flavour Vape Juice

All About Fruity Flavour Vape Juice

Vape juices come in all tastes and flavour. The innovation regarding vape juices is astonishing as there is not a single flavour that you can not have as your vape juice. To experience the real and fun high of vaping it is important to select the right flavour for your vape. Now, this selection depends on many factors.

If you’re a beginner, a lighter flavour with a lower nicotine level is a suitable choice. If a chain smoker is recommended to transition into vaping, then a vape juice of a stronger flavour with a moderate amount of nicotine might help him get over with his addiction to tobacco cigarettes. Whereas if a person wants to experience a stronger throat hitting experience of vaping, a flavour with a higher amount of nicotine complements this desire as it generates thick and fluffy clouds as well.

Now fruity flavours are the most famous and most-talked about flavours among vape juices. Not just youngsters, but also professional old vapers find these flavours the best choice of vape juice and would easily prefer it over any other vape juice. Let’s make a list of the most popular fruity flavours of vape juices.



This is one of most celebrated fruity flavour among beginners and youngsters. It is a perfect balance of sweet and creamy texture that gives a subtle hint to the throat. It is famous among those who have a sweet tooth and crave sweetness in everything.


This one is slightly stronger than other fruity flavours because of the presence of lemon juice. The sweet and sour combination of kiwi and raspberry further balances out the hit and makes the vaper taste the summer right in his mouth.

   3) PAN KIWI:

Pan kiwi is another pretty known combination of sweet and sour. The sweetness of the pan and the sour burst of Kiwi makes the vapor hit the throat with enough strength. It is enjoyed by both beginners and also professional papers.


Smokers who previously enjoyed smoking menthol cigarettes must try this flavour as it gives the same taste and hit as menthol cigarettes. The freshness of super mint and the sweetness of the watermelon is a perfect mix if one’s craving for a heavy cloud producing vaping experience.


Chain smokers who are advised to try vaping in order to quit, are recommended flavours like cherry tobacco. Levels of nicotine in this flavour are regulated considering how much of a smoker a person is. It has reportedly helped much frequent tobacco smokers to quit it for good.


The fruity bubble gum flavours are very much appreciated among the youngsters. The flavour of bubblegum can also be incorporated with other fruits such as cherry, mango, grapes and banana. Its well recommended for people with a sweet tooth. These fruity flavours are widely used among beginners as well because the throat hit it generates is smooth.

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