All You Need To Know About BLVK Unicorn

All You Need To Know About BLVK Unicorn

If you’ve been following BLVK Unicorn since its inception in the summer of 2016, you’ll know that they aim to provide the best possible smoking experience for adults globally through the development, sale, and distribution of Premium E-Liquids. In case you haven’t heard of them, they’ve taken the liberty of breaking down what they are known for.

Offering Quality To Everyone

Back in 2016, they founded BLVK Unicorn and launched with four flavors known as the original BLVK Bottles Collection. UNIApple, UNIChew, UNIDew, and UNILoop are the original four. During the early days of the company, each blend in the original BLVK Bottles Collection was created, bottled, and labeled internally. They have grown considerably since then. After a few years, they created and launched the WYTE, FRZN, CHBY, MILK, SALT, and BOLD collections. Furthermore, they have teamed up with Cartel Mods to create BLVK Cartel, a soon-to-be-released closed pod system.

As anticipated, as they continue to provide virtually every flavor palate preference to adult smokers, our manufacturing method will need to scale. They have since moved production to LCF Labs in Ontario, California. LCF runs from an FDA-registered facility, adheres to GMP standards, and has an ISO-7 accredited lab. It was a wise business decision to shift production to a facility that has a reputation for continuously producing large quantities of product. As a result, rather than keeping manufacturing in-house, their operations have only scaled exponentially.

Fast Shipping

Receiving vape mail is something that almost everyone enjoys. Okay, not really but .not if your order was placed more than a month ago and you’ve been pestering your mail carrier and spamming customer service on a daily basis for a status update. One of the best parts about BLVK Unicorn is that they can ensure a quick turnaround. Whether it’s online order of our CRMY Strawberry or a case of orders covering all of their collections for a vape store, you can expect to be reunited with your all-time favorites in about 5 business days at most.

Customer Satisfaction

Which BLVK Unicorn mix do you consider to be the best? Oooh, that’s a heavy question that could lead to some confusion because, well, all of their blends are fantastic! If you look at their Instagram DMs, for example, there are literally thousands of DMs from adult smokers who have shared their experience with their products.

Exceptional Marketing

BLVK always wants to emphasize its significance, particularly when all of the other factors are considered. Marketing is used to increase awareness of a brand, product, or service. Without it, businesses like BLVK would simply slang their goods to customers and stores, with no identity to back it up. Unique marketing encourages them to express themselves. To have unique marketing is to be able to refer to a person or group in a way that would otherwise bind them to our identity. And, let’s face it, marketing is a lot of fun. 

Easy Accessibility

Did you know that you can buy BLVK unicorns all over the world? You can find your favorite BLVK in Pakistan and in 42 countries across 6 continents thanks to BLVK and the relationships they have established with vape stores, smoke shops, online retailers, and distributors alike. Imagine if we could figure out how many adult smokers go out of their way to find and enjoy our products. That is arguably our most significant achievement as an e-liquid manufacturer. 

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