All You Need To Know About Sub OHM Vaping

All You Need To Know About Sub OHM Vaping

E-cigarettes create vapors that are created by the heating of e-liquids filled inside the cartridges which usually contain nicotine along with some flavorings and chemicals. Now, if you’re looking into vaping, you must have heard of the term Sub OHM. What makes it different from regular vaping? Here is all you need to know about Sub OHM vaping.

#1 Normally vape tanks have a resistance of 1.5 to 3 OHMs. However, Sub-OHM tanks have a reduced resistance that is around 1 OHM. Due to this decreased resistance level, the liquid that is present inside the cartridges vaporizes quicker which leads to thicker vape clouds.

#2 Sub OHM vape tanks also need a mesh coil to survive the high power and heat it.

#3 Sub OHM is a treat for those chasing huge vapor clouds. you’ve got to flaunt the clouds if you’re vaping, right?

#4 Sub OHM vaping will cost you more bucks than normal vaping. The reason behind this is that blowing larger clouds would mean more e-liquid is being used. Moreover, the device itself is on the pricier side as well.

#5 Sub OHM vaping hits your lungs stronger than normal vaping which can of course cause more damage to the lungs as more of the substance which includes nicotine is being absorbed by the lungs.

#6 Sub OHM is a great option if you’re someone looking for intense flavor. It gives a much more enhanced flavor than regular vaping devices as each puff vaporizes more liquid and the device uses high-quality wick materials

#7 Sub OHM produces warmer vapor as the e-liquid is heated rapidly with more power by the Sub OHM tank such as . This can be a pleasant feeling for most people, it’s similar to the sensation a smoker gets.

#8 Sub OHM can be very dangerous if you have no idea what you’re doing. if you end up firing low resistance coils, you’re putting more pressure on the battery than what it can handle which can lead to two things. Either your battery will simply stop working or you’ll cause an explosion!

#9 Sub OHM tanks can be made up of two materials: stainless steel or glass. They’re commercially produced and can be disposed of easily.

#10 Mesh coils that are used in Sub OHM vapes have a larger surface area, with the same amount of current spread over the entire metal which leads to fewer chances of a dry hit. This comes in handy to those who don’t know how to build up the coil but want to try out Sub OHM vape.

That’s pretty much all you need to know regarding Sub OHM vaping. You can’t really tell if this is something for you or not unless you try it out for yourself. It comes along with both its benefits and safety hazards. Now that you know all about vape tanks, Sub OHM tanks such as Innokin Pakistan , e-liquid, and mesh coil tanks you might be able to decipher whether you want to give Sub OHM vape a shot or not. For the best vaping experience, head over to E-lite Cigs.

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