All You need to know About Vape Tanks

All You need to know About Vape Tanks

Just as there is a wide range of different types, design, and quality of vapes, there are also different types of vape tanks available in the market. As much effort one puts in buying the right kind of vape, it is important to put the same amount of effort when It is time to select the correct tank for your vape. If you are looking  for vape tanks from vape store in lahore, first understand what vape tanks really are?


A vape has three major components, the tank, the E-liquid, and the coil. The tank has two main functions. The first one is to store the E-liquid and the second one is aiding in the vaporization process of the E-liquid into an aerosol, which is then inhaled and exhaled when the vape is dragged slowly by the vaper. As this is one of the major functions of a vape, it is crucial to get the right type of tank to experience the real fun of the vaping world.

The following are the types of tanks that are available in the market and from which you can choose your desired tank and start your vaping journey.

   1) CARTOMIZERS ( First generation vape tanks ):

Cartomizers are the first vape tanks that entered in the Planet-o-vape. They are installed in the first generation cig-a-like vapes. Cartomizers are cylindrical in shape and consist of a coil and a wick. These are recommended for beginners. The downside of this tank is that it does not contain a sufficient amount of vape juice hence the frequent vapers run out of it pretty soon.

   2) CLEAROMIZERS ( First generation vape tanks ):

Clearomizers are the advanced form of cartomizers. They are transparent hence the name clearomizer. They are made for first-generation vapes like vape pens. They are also cylindrical in shape, but they are transparent, giving the vaper liberty to peek inside the wick and see if there is enough vape juice left. They are more costly than cartomizers as they have much more space for enough vape juice and are much more convenient, but they are cost-friendly after the first investment.

   3) SUB-OHM TANKS ( Second generation vape tanks ):

Sub-ohm tanks are known as the most powerful tanks in the vape world. They are made for Sub-ohm vapes that are famous for providing the smoothest and the craziest vaping experience. They consist of low resistance coils, that work side by side with a powerful battery to give the fluffiest vaping clouds that are highly appreciated by cloud-chasers. They are expensive than the previous tanks, but they are more reliable and stronger so they are totally worth the money.

   4) REBUILDABLE ATOMIZERS ( Custom made tanks ):

Rebuildable atomizers are basically self-made tanks. They are constructed by wrapping the coil, adding the wick, and then incorporating it into the system. These are used by professional vapers and are the strongest kind of tanks that provides a more pleasing vaping experience.

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