An Overview Of Juul Pods

An Overview Of Juul Pods

Vaping started as an alternative to traditional smoking but in recent years its popularity has soared a lot. Juul was no different when it was introduced as a vaping product in 2017. Juul proved to be an instant success and it led to massive financial gains for the company. Juul usually consists of Juul device and Juul pods which are also often called e-juice. Here’s an overview of Juul pods for you to know better.

#1 Juul Device:

The Juul device looks like a thin sleek stick which is much more stylish than the other vaping devices. It has been dubbed as the I-phone of the vaping industry by many experts because of its aesthetics and quality at the same time. The device barely looks like a USB drive speaking of which, it has a USB charger using which you can charge the device via laptop. There is a mouthpiece attached to it that prevents e-juice from dripping. In the middle is a vaporizer that converts liquid nicotine into vapors.

Another feature of the Juul device is the convenience and easy-to-use mechanism that it provides. There are no multiple buttons or complexities. It automatically senses when someone touches the mouthpiece. There is a sensor installed in the device for this purpose which automatically triggers the vaporizer. As for charging status, just gently shake the Juul device and you’ll see the charging level.

#2 Juul Pods:

Juul cartridges or pods contain liquid nicotine that can be simply snapped into the Juul device and removed once used. This is a more convenient method as there is no hassle of leaks or spills. The cartridges are no-refillable and disposable which are manufactured by the San Francisco based company in America as opposed to the devices that are made in America. So the quality of the vapes is maintained up to the highest standards.

#3 Ingredients:

Liquid nicotine or e-juice usually consists of nicotine, benzoic acid, Propylene glycol, glycerine, and flavors. The nicotine used is pharmaceutical grade nicotine salt from the tobacco plants through a method that is different from other traditional vapes and was patented by Juul. To give the visibility to the vapors most vapes use Propylene glycol and Juul uses the same along with glycerine for giving visible vapors. These nicotine salts, when combined with benzoic acid, give you a realistic feeling of smoking as compared to other vapes.

#4 Flavors And Strength:

Juul pods are famous for their variety of flavors that give diverse user experience. These are usually a mixture of natural and artificial flavors that give the best experience. Mango flavor has been the most popular one so far because of its peculiar fruity taste. Moreover, Juul cartridges come in two different intensities. 5% and 3% strength level. One pod of 5% strength is equal to smoking a pack of cigarettes. A pod contains about 200 puffs and is for one-time use only.

Juul has brought a major impact on the vaping industry. The Juul pod contains more nicotine as compared to other vapes, that is why it gives the user more satisfaction to users in addition to ease of use and stylish design. If you are looking for best vape stores in Islamabad,Karachi or Lahore head over to E-lite Cigs and choose from their more than vast variety!

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