Biggest Vape Problems & Solutions

Biggest Vape Problems & Solutions

Everything comes along with merits and demerits, and so does vape. Vaping is all fun and games until you begin to face certain problems with it. But do not worry, as we have found the best solutions to those problems so that you could continue having fun with your vape. The good news is that it is quite simple to identify these problems and rectify them.

If you are a vaper, then this blog is written to make your vaping experience a lot more fun. We would highlight the common problems that are faced by the vapers, and we would give solutions for those problems, simultaneously.

Even if you are a beginner, this blog could help you foresee the future challenges in vaping, and you can start taking care of them from now so that you do not encounter such issues in the future.

Buckle up your seat belts as here we begin.

Tank leakage

Filling up the entire tank and later finding out that your device is drowning in the liquid is annoying and frustrating, we know and understand. This could turn out to be pretty messy and costly too. It is one of the most faced issues with the vapers who use sub-ohm clearomizers.  The cause of this problem is that there is a gap in the seal of the vape, or any part of the vape is not fitted properly, which provides a way for the liquid to pass out.

What you can do to avoid this situation is that you can opt for an “anti-leaking” design. This is one of the best technology in vapes and all the best manufacturers are using it. You could easily find an anti-leaking vape in Lahore, or on an online e-cigs platform, such as E-lite Cigs.

Not getting enough throat hit

Many times it happens that when you take a hit, the kick isn’t as impactful.  This is one of the most common complaints from the vapers.

What you can do is, initially, check your vegetable glycerin (VC), propylene glycerin (PC) and nicotine level and their percentages. A higher level of propylene glycerine (PC) suggests that the higher would be the chance of you enjoying a higher hit of your favourite flavour. You could also go for an e-juice with a higher level of nicotine, as it could help you experience a harder hit.

Getting too much throat hit

This issue is exactly the opposite of what we have discussed above. This is usually faced by beginners, and this could be considered a more serious problem than the previous one, as it can be harmful for the health. Getting too much throats hit is not only distressing, but could lead to coughing and irritation in the throat. This issue leads to quitting vaping in certain cases too.

What you can do in order to resolve this issue is again, check your vegetable glycerin (VC), propylene glycerin (PC) and nicotine level. You can decrease the propylene glycerin (PC), and nicotine levels, as these would reduce the intensity of the throat hit. If you are a beginner, then you could easily get these levels checked of your vape in Lahore.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced in vaping, you must have faced these common challenges. We hope the tips as mentioned above would help in the best possible way. Just sit back and keep enjoying your vaping experience!



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