How Long Do Vape Coils Usually Last?

How Long Do Vape Coils Usually Last?

All of us are aware of the fact that vapes are comparatively much cheaper than the traditional tobacco filled cigarettes. However, there still are certain ways and practices in vaping, through which you can cut down your cost even more. If you are planning to purchase a vape online, then it could turn out to be a smart decision, as the prices of the vape are much cheaper online as compared to that of the ones found in a shop.

There are two main prctices when we talk about cutting down the cost in vaping and those are either cutting down on your expense on e-juices or extending the lives of the coils.

Both of them are not difficult, they just require some smart moves. We are going to discuss the ways through which you could cut down your coil expense in this blog.

The best way to cut down your coil expense is to make your coils last longer than usual.

Usually, a new coil has a lifespan of a week or two, on an average.

Usage has an impact

Yes, you read that right. The way you vape and the way you use your coil has a great impact on the durability of your coil.  If you are good at dealing with your coils and taking proper care, then you can make them last much longer than the usual coil. This would reduce down your coil expense as you would not have to change it after every week. Therefore, we would recommend you to deal with your coil gently.

Regular cleaning is important

Vaping everyday, without cleaning the product, leads to the breakage in the coils. It is important to clean the coils with proper intervals, as this leads to enhancing the lifespan of the coils and finally results in declining your expenditure on coils.

Irregular cleaning could hurt

Little cleaning doesn’t hurt anyone, but it could hurt your vape coils. Yes, this might come as a shock, but irregular cleaning could hurt your coils. Therefore, it is important to maintain and follow a proper cleaning routine with the instruments.

Step back from over pressing the fire button

Intensely pressing the fire button could harm your coils. Take help from your puff timer tools to learn about your vape more and to find the ideal spot of flavour. If you are facing difficulties in identifying the perfect flavour spot, then you can search up about your vape online and go through blogs and videos.

Waiting between the hits is important.

Every time you take a hit, you should wait for about three to five seconds before taking another hit. This would provide your coil the time to cool down, which would enable it to intake more e-liquid before it begins to generate vapours. Excessive hitting of coils could lead to drying out your coils during or between the hits, which would result in reducing the lifespan of your coil.

So, follow the preceding tips and make your vape coils last longer!


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