Have you ever wondered what makes smoking cigarettes addictive? Well, the answer is the infamous Nicotine. It is a drug stimulant that is found naturally in plants especially in the members of the nightshade family and is a key part the of chemical composition of cigarettes. Nicotine has many physical and psychodynamic effects on a regular smoker such as alertness, feeling of relaxation, heightened heartbeat, and in some cases dizziness and nausea. As it has not been clear how much of a part nicotine plays in making cigarettes dangerous and fatal for health, but it has been established that nicotine is the sole reason that makes smoking cigarettes addictive.

Now, what makes all this connected to vaping? Research and scientific data back up the fact that if a chain smoker slowly transitions from smoking cigarettes to vaping, it can help a great deal in the quitting process of smoking cigarettes. And how exactly does that work?  Vape juices are one of the major components of vapes, that are responsible for carrying the flavor and vapor production. They are basically comprised of:

   1) Polyphenol glycol:

It is responsible for the throat-hitting sensation and carrying the flavor.

   2) Vegetable glycerin:

It is accountable for the thick-cloud formation of the vapors.

   3) Flavoring:

This is the flavor generating factor in the vape juice.

   4) Nicotine:

Nicotine takes part in heightening the intensity of the throat-hit and also aids in curbing the tobacco withdrawals. It has played a major role in helping heavy smokers quit smoking for good. The strength of nicotine in a vape juice narrows down on only one lone factor. How much of a smoker the person is? Following are the different ranges of nicotine strength available in the market:

  • 0 mg/ml:

People who have no past experience with smoking cigarettes, or those who have finally left smoking behind prefer this nicotine strength. The vape juices with 0 mg/ml nicotine strength,  gives a subtle throat-hit and are not that harsh at all.

  • 3 mg/ml:

This strength of nicotine is best for people who were light smokers previously (  5-10 cigarettes per day ). Vapers who are cutting down their high nicotine level in their vape juices are also inclined towards this range of nicotine levels. The throat-hit feeling is sufficient for a beginner to enjoy his vaping time.

  • 10-12 mg/ml:

The range 10-12 mg/ml of nicotine strength compliments the craving for nicotine in a person who has been a moderate smoker (10-15 cigarettes per day)   in the past. This gives off a stronger throat-hit sensation and also more clouded vapors. This strength is highly liked by professional vapers and cloud chasers.

  • 18 mg/ml:

This is the highest strength of nicotine in vape juices. This level of nicotine is only advised to those who are chain smokers (20-30 cigarettes per day). It helps in containing the withdrawal symptoms and also gives a throat hit similar to tobacco cigarettes.

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