How To Prolong The Life Of Your Vape Device

How To Prolong The Life Of Your Vape Device

Every single thing in this world comes to an end one day or the other, and so does a vape.

Smoktech vape, Joyetech or Smoant vapes have a larger lifespan, as compared to the other types of vapes, but these have a lifespan too. However, after spending so much money, no one wants their vape to be replaced.

Considering this, we have gathered some tips through which you could make your Smoktech vape and other high-quality vapes last longer than the usual.

The battery of your vape matters

The battery of the vape is what runs it, and if the battery is not functioning well, then there is no way that your vape would function well. It is important to look after the health conditions of your battery.

Keep it charged up

You must have heard many people saying that it is crucial to always keep your battery fully charged, yes, that is true. If the battery is not charged for a long time, then it might start losing its ability to hold the charge. Therefore, it is essential to keep your vapes charged up.

Do not overcharge

While charging the battery is important, overcharging it can be harmful for the device. When you are dealing with any electronic product, it is imperative to maintain a balanced charge. Yes, it is very important to charge your battery only to a certain level, but not more than the required amount,  as it could harm the battery life.

Turn off when not in use.

This is something that could greatly contribute to enhancing the life of your vape device. Switch the power off when you are not using the vape. This is written on the boxes of finest quality vapes such as Joyetech and Smoant and many others. This could contribute to enhancing the life of your vapes greatly.

Replace the e-juice

This practice is fun and effective. If you feel that your coil is getting chunked up or burning quite quickly, then it is the right time to try out new flavours. The e-juices that are enriched with VG are thicker in nature, which makes it difficult for the coil to absorb it. This paves ways for dried bits of residue.

Check out the ingredients of your e-juice

Usually, e-juices are clear and do not have any additional ingredients, but in certain cases, it has e-juices that have sugar or sugar particles in it, which could have a negative impact on your coils. 

Remember to wash your coils.

One might be reluctant to do it, but it is very important to do, if you want to prolong the life of your vape device. This small yet effective tip could help you extend the life of your coil up to two or three days. You can either run your coil under warm water, or you could soak it in clear alcohol. One thing that we should highlight here that NEVER use any darker shade of alcohol.

With the aforementioned tips, you can increase the lifespan of your vape device.

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