How To Store Your E-Juice And Preserve Flavor

How To Store Your E-Juice And Preserve Flavor

E-juice can taste quite similar to any edible product. You may think the vaping experience would change the taste, but flavoured e-juices come with a kick of authentic tastes. It is very important to preserve the favours of the vape or the e-juices.

If you have not encountered a broken e-juice, then consider yourself lucky, as it has the tendency to label your entire vaping experience as a “bitter experience”.  Even the finest e-liquids do not have a very long lifespan, therefore, it essential to store or preserve it.

It is quite easy to identify if your propylene glycerin (PC) or nicotine has expired, as it develops a sour smell, in addition to ruining the flavour of the e-juice. Hence, it is better to store it.

Do not know how to store up your e-juice? Relax, it is a common problem that is faced by the beginners as well as the people who are a pro at vaping.

We have found out all the tricks and techniques, through which you could easily and timely preserve your flavours. Find these below and start preserving:

Heat is an enemy

It is highly important to pace your e-juice away from any form of heat, as it needs a cool place to be stored in. The process of storing would not need any technicality. All you need to do, is protect the e-juice against heat, as the presence of heat could make the e-juice decay or change its flavour.

Make sure to place your vape or the e-juice at a cool place, at room temperature. You could also place your e-juice in the freezer as well, without worrying about it getting frozen. E-juice s do not get solid by being placed in the freezer, but they just get a little thicker, so if you are placing it in a freezer just make sure to give it a little warmth before you start vaping.

Light and Air should be blocked.

One might be wondering that light and air are good for one’s health, then why should these be blocked? Yes, these are good for the human body but harmful for e-juice at the same time. Light and air both promote oxidation, which results in the breakage of nicotine in the e-juice. In certain cases, you might be able to see that the e-juice begins to turn brownish in colour when it gets oxidized.

This process is replicated with many other flavours too, such as tobacco and coffee.

To protect your e-juices from light and air, you can either place them in your cupboard, or you could store them in any other dark and enclosed space, where the entry of light and air is restricted.

Pick the container smartly.

The perishability of your e-juices could highly rely on the container. Usually, you may find e-juices in a plastic container or a glass container. Even some of the finest liquids come in a plastic container, these are good to preserve your flavours for a shorter period, as it could easily stop heat, light and air from passing through it and reacting with the e-juice. But plastic begins to react with chemicals after some time. So if you are planning to store it for a longer period, then you should go for glass containers.



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