Some Common Mistakes That New Vapers Make

Some Common Mistakes That New Vapers Make

Smoking cigarettes and vaping might seem like two similar things but in reality, they both work differently. Beginners switching from smoking to the vaping lifestyle might make several mistakes during their transition from smoking to vaping or during their initial vaping experience. Here is a list of things to be aware of when you’re jumping into the “oh-so-amazing world of vaping” so that you have the right experience with your new shiny electronic device.


Now to gain the real fulfilling experience of the vaping world, its really important to get yourself the most suitable vape according to your taste and requirements. Smokers, especially beginners often make the mistake of getting themselves the wrong type that ends up in a bad vaping experience.

Generally, people who are new to the vaping world, are advised to buy the first generation ( Cig-A-likes Vaping devices ) or the second generation ( Vape Pens ). The former looks like normal cigarettes and usually assists in the transition stage of smokers into vapers, while the latter looks like electrical pens and is usually the same size as normal cigarettes. They are slightly stronger than the first generation vapes hence provide a better experience. The third generation ( Vaping Mods such as Luxe Pakistan) and the fourth generation ( Pod Systems ) are the new and more advanced generation of vapes. If you have enough experience with vapes and you’re not a beginner anymore, get your hands on these generations of vapes. They are stronger, long-lasting, safer, and provide the best quality vaping experience.


Now getting yourself the right flavor for your E-liquid is as important as getting yourself the right type of vaping device. It doesn’t matter how advanced the vape is, if the E-liquid filled in the tank is the wrong type, it’ll go all in vain. To get yourself the right flavor, read the PG/VG value given on the packaging carefully. If you’re new and need to get yourself one that’ll give you smoother hits, buy the one with higher VG liquids.


Newbies often start dragging the vape like it’s a cigarette and that results in getting yourself a burnt coil by the end of the week. If you’re a chain smoker and newly transitioned to vaping, you’ll need to change the coil in a week or so, or else instead of inhaling the fresh taste of your liquid, you’ll end up with a burned metal-like aftertaste.


If you wanna successfully quit smoking and indulge completely in the vaping world, choosing the right amount of nicotine strength is of great importance. Mostly, chain-smokers have advised the range 15-18mg nicotine strength while smokers who smoke 8-10 cigarettes a day are advised a strength not greater than 3mg.


Be mindful of not running out of the liquid as it might skip your mind.

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