Tips To Stop Your Vape Tank Leaking

Tips To Stop Your Vape Tank Leaking

Despite all these years of vape industry evolution, there still hasn’t been a product that is completely leak proof. Most of the time these leakages happen due to the mishandling by users or other minor issues that can be resolved immediately. You generally get to know that your vape tanks are leaking when your fingers get moist if you take it out of your pocket or if the whole tank leaks altogether. Here are a few tips to stop your vape tank leaking.

#1 Make Sure the Vapes Are Tightened Properly:

One of the most common causes of leakage are improperly screwed parts. You might end up creating gaps between the base of the coil and tank. Or where the coil meets the atomizer. Either way, you have to tighten it up properly. One important issue that arises is cross-threading which can be easily rectified. Before closing it clockwise, turn the vaping component anti-clockwise till you hear a click, now turn it clockwise from that point and everything will fit firmly.

#2 Hold the Vape Vertically:

When you are not vaping then hold the vape in a vertical position because it will avoid the juice holes from spilling. This can happen in the coil when the vape is being held at an improper angle which results in leakage.

#3 Time to Change O-Ring:

If your vape is leaking, it is time to check the O-ring. O-rings are rubber rings that make sure that the vape tankare sealed properly. But they may get damaged over time. If you overtighten the tank the O-ring rubber seal breaks. Sometimes the vapes may have faulty O-rings from the start. You usually get extra O-rings with the vaping tank but you can buy new ones of appropriate size and replace them with old ones. Make sure that new ones are attached properly.

#4 Check the Ratio of PG to VG:

The ratio of propylene glycol (PG) to vegetable glycerine (VG) in e-juice determines the viscosity of it. If propylene glycol is more, then the liquid is thinner and if vegetable glycerine is more, then the liquid is thick and less prone to leak. If the thin liquid is causing the issues then consider switching to the e-liquid with higher VG levels. Also, make sure that you are using the correct coils for the e-juice. You can’t go around using low resistance coil (below 1 ohm) for low PG liquid because these coils have thick juice holes and airflows, so using thin e-liquid (low PG) will cause leakage.

#5 Time to Replace the Tank: 

If all else fails then maybe it is time to replace the coil. Otherwise, unfortunately, you’ll have to go for replacing your tank which is the only solution that seems possible.

Moreover, if your vape tanks leak then try checking them for gaps or breaks. Hold it correctly, don’t overfill the e-juice in the tank, check the PG: VG ratio and match its compatibility with the coil. If nothing helps, best to consult a specialist.

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