Types of e-cigarettes and the best one for me

Types of e-cigarettes and the best one for me

Vaping devices have become really common in Pakistan over the last few years. It is a better alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarette smoking and many people are switching to vaping, either because they love the mix and match of the different variety of flavors, or because they want to quit smoking and use vaping devices as an alternative.

However, new vapers get quite confused as to the types of vaping devices available and what vaping devices they should get for themselves. Well, here are a few types that are given below!

What are E-cigarettes?

Basically, an e-cigarette lets you inhale rather than smoke. They are also relatively environmentally friendly as they do not produce harmful amounts of tar, carbon dioxide, and ash. They have propylene or glycol inside them and function by heating these substances to create vapor.

Types of vaping devices


They have a look similar to tobacco cigarettes, as the name suggests. They are made to be as similar looking to cigarettes as possible and are small, thin and light devices.

Pod devices

Pod device is basically a kind of mini vape and has 2 parts: a pod and the e-juice. They are a good alternative to JUUL systems. They can be open or closed pod systems.

Vape pens

These are small and portable devices and look like a pen. Inside of them is a small tank or a tube in which e-juice is filled.

Vape mods

These are quite large devices and can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their power can be varied and they have rechargeable batteries and a tank that can be refilled with ease.

Which one should I get?

Well, obviously the choice is up to you and what you prefer. However, when getting one for yourself look for something that offers the best value for money. For example, a device with rechargeable batteries and a refillable tank. This will help save money and ensure your device runs for a longer period of time. Also, disposable vaping devices produce less vapor, which is not a good thing for a vaping device. Getting a device that produces more vapor effectively is especially good for people who want to stop smoking and looking for other alternatives.

A vape pen or pod device is suitable for people who do not wish to vape very frequently.



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