Vaping Trends Of 2020

Vaping Trends Of 2020

The vaping industry has undergone a lot of changes since it was first introduced, with efforts to make it even better, more high quality, and to provide a better overall experience for its users. So, what are the vaping trends of 2020?

  1. Smaller is better?

One of the most noticeable differences between electronic cigarettes of the past and ones made now is the size. The vaping industry has now decreased the size of its devices, even though in the past they were made to be quite large and noticeable. However, technology has seen great advancements and made it possible for vaping devices to be smaller, sleeker, and more portable.

  1. Better e-juices?

The e-juices available for electronic cigarettes have been greatly modified and also their variety has increased. Ever heard of nicotine salts? These are the new thing the vaping industry’s creationists have introduced to the market. You might be thinking these nicotine salts taste salty and bitter, but that is not true at all. So why are they called salts?

This is because of the science used behind them and their innovation. They are made by keeping acid levels at one level and intact and at a lower pH than the nicotine solution. Hence, when smoked, these provide a better nicotine experience and can even give a good nicotine buzz. This is especially good for people who want to leave their tobacco cigarette addictions in the past.

  1. Connect your device to a gadget?

With so much technological advancement and everything so focused on technology these days, the vaping industry is also trying its level best to introduce tech to vaping. How so? They are basically trying to come up with ways to connect the vaping devices to people’s gadgets, such as through Bluetooth. Great idea, no?

  1. Flavored e-cigs

People love the different flavors of e-juices and this year, the demand for them has increased more than ever before. Hence, the need for the vaping industry to be more innovative has come and they are doing this by creating more and more flavors so that the vapers have more to experiment with and enjoy.

There has been a considerable shift from people smoking the traditional tobacco cigarettes to vaping and to keep this going on, the vaping industry needs to keep coming up with new ideas and innovations and up their game. So, what do you think the year 2021 will bring for this industry?

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