Vaping- What places is it acceptable at and where should I avoid it?

Vaping- What places is it acceptable at and where should I avoid it?

Vaping has become quite common these days with so many people owning vape mods and other devices. But a lot of places still have no accepted the whole idea of this activity and do not endorse or accommodate it. So, where should you vape and what places need to be avoided and taken more care of?

Home sweet home

Well, do you in your home. No one can tell you otherwise and you do not have to worry about the odor or that the smoke might ruin your furniture, such as fixtures or any cloth piece, such as carpets, curtains, or table cloth, unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes. Hence, you can do what you want.

However, not everyone likes the idea or the smell and smoke of vaping, so if you have visitors coming over, do freshen up the house and open the windows to let the smoke and smell out and use an air freshener. Otherwise, your house your rules, right?

In the car

Vaping is not advised if you are driving even though it hasn’t exactly been banned, unlike tobacco smoking while driving, which has now been considered a driving hazard in many countries and cities around the world. However, vaping does create clouds and vapors of smoke, and you might have trouble viewing the mirror while driving, especially in foggy and rainy weather. Also, your attention will be divided and will not be fully on the road and that might cause you to make some mistakes. Hence, even though you can, it is better to avoid it while you drive.

In the streets

This depends. If you are on a busy street with lots of people around, why make others feel uneasy or uncomfortable by something you do?

In the countryside

Do whatever you want. Take all your favorite e-juices and more to experiment with and vape as much as you want while enjoying the amazing weather, greenery and the overall peace that nature has to offer.

At the market, cinema or any other business

A BIG NO! All these places are closed and there may be many people who do not like the smell or smoke of vape. And it’s not just that, it is harder to ignore the overall intensity of smoke in closed areas. Do not be a burden or cause any discomfort to people and avoid vaping in any such places.


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