Why does my throat burn after vaping?

Why does my throat burn after vaping?

Vaping is rapidly gaining popularity among many people in Pakistan, and since the number of users has seen a considerable increase, there are obviously questions that need to be answered. One of the most common is people sometimes complaining that vaping burns their throat. Do you feel that sometimes vaping might hurt your throat a bit? Here are a few reasons why!

What is the burning sensation you sometimes experience while vaping?

It’s basically called a throat hit. This is the feeling of a burning sensation at the back of your throat and there are many reasons it happens.

Switching to vaping from smoking

People who have been smoking the traditional tobacco cigarette for a long time and switch to vaping, the e-juice might be the thing causing their throat to hurt. Basically, you are used to nicotine but the e-juices usually have lower amounts of it as compared to the traditional tobacco cigarette, or none at all, and what the user experiences are nicotine withdrawal.

However, there is no need to worry. Throat ache usually happens as a result of nicotine withdrawal and will decrease in intensity as the days pass.

Dry hit

Sometimes, the vaping juice has finished or is left in very less quantity in the vaping tank, but vapers tend to smoke out of habit. This causes them to feel the sensation of a dry hit, which is basically an uneasy, burning feeling at the back of the throat and is quite uncomfortable and annoying. However, this issue resolves itself within a while and you do not need to worry about it much.

Large amounts of propylene glycol

Vape contains this product, in fact, it is a very major component of what you smoke while vaping. Higher amounts can however cause your throat to burn and feel uneasy, especially when people start vaping initially.

The easy solution to this is to take care of your overall health, stay hydrated, and change your vape type of the e-juice you smoke.

These were a few reasons why you could get a sore throat or a burning sensation in your throat after you vape. However, if it doesn’t subside in a few hours or days at most, it is probably not vaping related and you might need to check with a doctor to rule out any other causes.

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