Why does my vape tastes burnt?

Why does my vape tastes burnt?

No one wants that, do they? To feel a bitter and burning sensation at the back of their mouth when all you wanted was a good, light smoke. But why does this happen? In this article, we will tell you for a few reasons!

The reason for the burnt taste

Basically, for the vape to work at its best and give its users the most amazing experience, the wick which is situated in the atomizer coil, needs to be completely soaked in the e-juice. If it dries out, it can cause the material to become smoky and charred, causing an uncomfortable burning sensation and a bad taste in your mouth.

Now, how fast or slow the wick dries out depends mostly on the atomizer coil. Vapers who vape frequently need to change their coils quicker, while ones who do it occasionally do not need to change their coil for more than a few weeks or even months sometimes.

Even though coils are bound to get old and the wick inside them to dry, there are many things that users do that might exacerbate the process. So, what are they?

What power are you vaping on?

If you have set a higher power for vaping, your wick is bound to get dry and give that foul taste in your mouth earlier. This is because the higher the power, the more the amount of e-juice utilized in a puff, so the higher the chance of the wick drying up.

This issue is quite common, especially when it comes to sub-ohm vaping tanks. This is because sub-ohm tanks offer lesser resistance, producing a more pronounced and thicker vapor.

Are you refilling your e-juice when required?

It is not the right practice to utilize all the last of your e-juice before you choose to have it refilled. This is because the wick cannot completely soak up as the e-juice left is not enough, and this will cause the coil to burn and give your throat a burn. Hence, do not do this to your device and refill the juice when you see that it is at very low levels. Waiting for it to finish will not only hinder your overall vaping experience but also is not good for your vaping device.

What e-juice are you using?

You may not know this, but sometimes, the vape juice you choose for your device may cause a problem to the coils, such as gunk or mush them up. This is because some juices have a higher sugar and VG content, making them quite thick and viscous, causing problems in the correct functioning of the coils. Hence, the compromised function of the coils causes less juice to be soaked on the wick and gives a bad taste on the mouth instead of the nice one.

These were a few reasons why your vaping device may have trouble giving you the good taste you prefer. Want good vaping devices and e-juices? At E-lite electronics, we have it all!



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