Why Should You Prefer Vaping Over Cigarettes.

Why Should You Prefer Vaping Over Cigarettes.

Why should one prefer vaping over cigarettes? This question has given rise to a lot of controversy and debates all around the world. And both sides don’t want to give up the fight and lose. But there is no denying in the fact that if vapes are responsibly used, they are not as harmful as cigarettes health-wise. The following are some facts that show how vaping devices are better than smoking tobacco cigarettes.


Scientific experiments and their result back up the fact that vapes help greatly in the process of quitting tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes produce a higher amount of nicotine as compared to vaping devices and this makes a huge difference in the impact of both the things on the body. Moreover, vaping devices lessen the intensity of nicotine withdrawal and this helps big time when dealing with a person who is severely addicted to cigarettes.


A beginner who just started vaping will agree on how true this is, in his first week of transitioning from smoking cigarettes to vaping. Unlike cigarettes, that you may need to buy every day if you’re a heavy smoker, it’s a whole lot easier and cheaper if you’re a vape owner. Once you buy a good quality vape, it’s a long-lasting investment. Only the coil might need changing ( when you acquire a burned like aftertaste while inhaling, that’s a sign that it needs to be replaced ), or if you run out of E-Liquid, the tank might need another filling. Both of these things can be fixed at very cheap rates.


Vapes are usually small in size and pretty convenient to carry anywhere. They can easily fit in your bag, wallet, and even in your pockets. If you’re a cigarette smoker, traveling seems daunting and challenging as thoughts like “What if I run out of them?” “What if I lose the packet?” etc. But with vaping, no such worries will trouble you as you can easily carry it pretty much anywhere in the world.


Cigarettes do not provide a variety of different flavors, but with vaping comes a great and exciting advantage. A vaper can choose his flavor, according to his taste and liking, from a wide range of E-liquid flavors. The beginners prefer softer E-liquids such as Mint, Mango delight, kiwi, grapefruit, and pan flavors. For people who have been vapers for a longer time, their inclination is more towards stronger flavors of E-liquids like Hannibal Nectar, Goldleaf Mint, etc.


Have you ever come across custom-made cigarettes that won’t cost you a hand or a leg? I am sure the answer to this question is a big fat NO. Vapes can be designed and custom-made according to the taste of the customer. Youngsters dig the newest and trendiest designs for their vapes and they are always light in their pockets too.

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