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Best E-Liquids In Pakistan

E-Liquids are a blessing to vape devices. They come in different variations with higher and lower nicotine levels. E-juices have two types, freebase and salt-nicotine. These e-liquids typically contain vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). Plus, the nicotine levels may vary in every vape juice. Check out our collection if you are looking for some of the finest e-liquids from incredible brands.

Many brands have launched their e-liquids in Pakistan. Let’s check them out:

Famous E-Liquids Brands:

If you are all about that clouding life, then you must know about the popular offerings from these superb brands. 

FRZN APPLE by BLVK Unicorn: An incredible concoction of sour and tangy red, green apples topped up with cooling and icy menthol to give you a freezing burst inside your mouth.

Freak Out & Vape Vanilla-Praline-Tobacco: An amazing combination of creamy and smooth vanilla with sweet praline and topped up with smoky tobacco to give a premium feel on the inhale.

Strawberry Freeze Saltz by Ripe Vapes: A luscious combination of succulent and juicy strawberries paired with sweet candies and freezing icy menthol then topped up with nicotine.

Freak Out & Vape Butter Beer Nuts Tobacco: Authentic tobacco paired up with beer nuts with a classic butter finish that gives a premium feel whenever you take a hit of this e-liquid.

What are you waiting for? Get these premium e-liquids from E-lite Cigs & Vaporizers and start having an amazing vaping experience today!