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Get All The Authentic Ripe Vapes E-Juice In Pakistan

Vape juices come with different mixtures that are a combination of two or three flavors paired with menthol and sometimes a hint of nicotine. Ripe Vapes is a pioneer in creating and developing some of the best e-liquids for the vaping industry. All the e-liquids are handcrafted with keeping safety measures in mind. The brand has some of the premium offerings for vapers across the globe.

Ripe vapes e-juices is one of the well-recognized brands that has received some awards because of its taste and flavors. Let’s take a look at their offerings for the vapers:

Famous E-Juices by Ripe Vapes:

Ripe Vapes has released some of the incredible blends for the vaping industry. Let’s see what those are:

VCT Vanilla Custard Tobacco by Ripe Vapes: A premium concoction of creamy and luscious vanilla custard paired with classic toasted almonds, then topped up with rich and fine tobacco.

Blackberry Freez Salts by Ripe Vapes: Exotic blackberries paired with cooling and icy menthol for a fruity and breezy burst inside your mouth.

Mango Freez Salts by Ripe Vapes: Luscious and succulent mangoes paired and blended with mentholated ice that will give a chilling exhale after taking a hit of this e-liquid.

Order these premium offerings by Ripe Vapes from E-lite Cigs and get on the vaping journey with these flavors.