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Get Your Favorite Flavor Of E-Juice By NASTY Juice In Pakistan

Vaping juices with unique tastes are a blessing for the vapers out there. When it comes to incredible flavor and fruity taste, Nasty is an ideal option for it. The amazing concoctions topped up with cool menthol is the motto of the people working at Nasty. If you are looking for Nasty Juice e-liquids, check out our collection.

Nasty vape juices are the best e-liquids among their competitors. Let’s have a look at their e-juices line-up:

Nasty E-Juices:

Nasty has a whole series of incredible offerings for fellow vapers who love a bold flavour with cool and freezing menthol.

Nasty Cush Man Mango Strawberry: Luscious and succulent mangoes paired with fruity and sweet strawberries with a hint of mentholated ice. 

Nasty Cush Man Mango Grape: Delicious and flavourful mangoes blended with vine-ripened and concord grapes that are topped up with cool breeze ice. 

Nasty Cush Man Mango Banana:  Lush and juicy mangoes mixed and paired with luscious and scrumptious bananas that will give a burst of flavour inside your mouth.

Nasty Salt E-Liquids:

To cater for the vapers that want a strong throat hit with an amazing taste, Nasty has a whole line-up of salt nicotine-infused e-juices.

Nasty Silver Blend: Classic and exquisite tobacco blended with a hint of luscious and creamy vanilla. 

Nasty Bronze Blend: Delicious and luscious caramel topped up with classic and premium tobacco.

Nasty Bad Blood: Exotic black currants paired with classic nicotine salts gives a burst of flavours whenever you take a hit of this e-liquid. 

Nasty Slow Blow:  Incredible concoction of tangy pineapples with sour lime soda paired up with nicotine salts to satisfy your vaping needs whenever you take a puff. 

What’s up with the wait now? Order these incredible Nasty juice flavors from E-lite Cigs. It will take your vaping game to the next level.