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E-Lite Cig's Salt Nicotine E-Liquids

The salt nicotine category is made to fit all sorts of nicotine lovers. Not everyone has the same nicotine requirements. Cigarettes offer a limited option and are almost standard when it comes to nicotine offerings. 

With the salt nicotine category, you get to choose how much you want and then come to our shop or place your orders on the internet. Whatever works fine for you. 

At E-lite, you can get the best salt NIC flavors. Be it 35 mg or 50 mg nicotine liquid that you like, you can have that all from us. We procure the best range of flavors from all around the globe for our customers. 

All the best brands that you know are available with us. V-God, BLVK, Naked, Smoozie, Vapetasia, you name it, and we have it sitting on our shelves ready to be delivered or packed for you. you can choose the 35 mg category, or you may choose others if you are looking for something more or less intense. 

These flavors are great and come in 30 to 60 ml bottles usually. Here are a few benefits of getting them bottles:

They have Nozzle

These bottles come with a nozzle so that refilling your pods and devices becomes as easy as ABC. You just got to twist the cap, refill the pod and keep on puffing your favorite 35 mg flavors. Or 50mg vape juice, whatever you like.

The quantity is Enough 


Salt nic liquids are heavy and are consumed slower compared to the freebase liquids. Upon normal use, a 30 mg bottle can easily last a month and a half for an average user.

They are compatible with most devices


Not all salt NIC flavors work well with all salt NIC pods and devices. However, the 35 mg salt NIC flavors are the safe choice and are mostly compatible with the majority of available devices in the market.