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Best Vape Coils & Pods In Pakistan

Vaping coils and pods are essential to give you a whole new experience in vaping. Equipping aftermarket coils and pods can give you a different taste of vape juice and cloud production. You can always coils and pods that are compatible with your vaping device. If you are looking for replacements pods of vape, check out our collection. 

Aftermarket coils and pods have some of the most important features. Let’s take a look at them:


Coils are the main part of your vaping devices. They heat the vape juice inside the tank and vaporize it. There are many types of coils that you can equip for your device. It totally depends on your vaping needs and what you like according to your preferences.

Each type of vape coil delivers a different type of vaping experience to the user. Low resistance coils produce warmer vapor with huge cloud production, while the high resistance coils produce cooler vapor with less production of clouds. 

Types of Coils:


Ceramic Coils

Stainless Steel Coils

Titanium Coil

Kanthal Coil

Nickel Coil

Nichrome Coil


Pods are a part of electronic cigarettes. It is a mouthpiece that is magnetized which is connected at the top of the vaping device. These are refillable and can hold your vape juice according to its capacity. You can find some pods that are replaceable. There are different types of pods available in the market. 

Integrated Pods

Replaceable Pods

Refillable Pods

Coils and Pods at E-Lite Cigs:

Are you looking for aftermarket coils for your vaping device? Or are you looking for replacement pods? Check out our collection to get some discounts on vape coils and vape pods. Get this stuff from us and take your vaping game to the next level