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Cloud Nurdz Pakistan

E-Liquids are all about delivering you exciting flavor and full of fun. E-Liquids are a mashup of two or more flavors paired with less concentration of nicotine or a high concentration of nicotine. Cloud Nurdz is one of those brands that creates and produces some of the delightful flavors for vapers across the world. They have some of the amazing flavors for the vaping industry. If you are looking for Cloud Nurdz juices, check out E- Lite Cigs collection.

Cloud Nurdz is one of the best brands of vape juices among its competitors for catering to all the vapers of the world. Let’s take a look at their vape juices:

Famous E-Liquids from Cloud Nurdz:

Cloud Nurdz has rolled out some of the best mixtures for the fellow vapers out there.

Grape Strawberry Iced:

Exotic and concord grapes paired together with succulent and luscious strawberries that is topped up with mentholated ice that ends up giving a cool breeze on the inhale.

Peach Blue Raspberry Iced:

Juicy and ripened peaches blended and mixed with blue raspberries that are topped up cool and icy menthol to give you a burst of flavors with a cold breeze inside your mouth. 

Watermelon Apple Iced:

Luscious and succulent watermelons blended together with green, red sweet apples that is then topped up with icy menthol to give your taste buds a fruity and smooth flavor.

Strawberry Lemon Iced:

Succulent and juicy strawberries are crushed and blended together with citrus lemons and mentholated ice that gives a smooth and freezing finish on the inhale.

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