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We at Elite Cigs have an amazing selection of temperature-controlled vaporizers, which can be used to enhance flavor notes in your e-liquids by tuning the temperature controls. With temperature control devices available from different brands, including Smok, Aspire, and Voopoo, you can find an option that fits your budget. We also have a range of replacement coils and tanks if you want to indulge in more advanced vaping. Everything, from the temperature control vapes to their replacement parts, is of the highest quality here at Elite Cigs. We aim to please every vaper by giving them an amazing vaping experience. So get your hands on temperature-controlled vaporizers and experience the finest vaping out there.

How Does Vape Pen with Temperature Control work?

While vape kits and mods are highly advanced, none of them allow the tracking of the temperature of your device. Instead, they measure the changes in the coil’s resistance. When your device’s coil heats up, its resistance typically increases. Your standard kit will track this resistance and assign a temperature value to them, which may not be accurate. Although if you use a vape pen with temperature control, you can keep track of the actual temperature of the coil and adjust it however you like. It allows you to increase, decrease, or maintain the temperature with just a click of a button. You can buy one from Elite Cigs. We have an inventory full of the best temperature control vape devices that are suited for every advanced vaper out there. So try it now to take your vaping to another level.   

How To Vape With Temperature Control Vape Pen?

Different vape devices have different ways to access temperature control, but the process of tuning it is pretty much the same. Once you attach your tank to the temperature control vape pen, you can view the wattage output on the side of the tank coil. There you will have the option to switch over to the temperature control mode. Now you can easily set the desired temperature limit, keeping in mind the wire type and wattage output of your device. The experts at Elite Cigs recommend vapers to start at a lower temperature and vape a few times before deciding to go any higher. The most common temperature range among vapers is between 200°C to 250°C. However, we suggest you to do your own research and experiments, as everyone has different preferences. 

Why Choose E-lite Cigs?

Elite Cigs has an amazing collection of the best vaping products from around the world. We have been catering to vapers in Pakistan by offering them products we fully believe in. Now, after years of experience in the industry, we have served hundreds and thousands of customers, who are all highly satisfied by the products we offer. So there is no reason to believe you won’t be too. You can go ahead and browse from our amazing selection of premium vape products that are guaranteed to elevate your vaping experience to another level.