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BLVK Unicorn In Pakistan

E-Liquids is a vape brand that hails from the City of Angels. It is well-recognized by vapers around the world. They have been creating and developing some of the best mixtures for the vaping industry. All of the concoctions are smooth, juicy, and satisfying for the users. If you are looking for some amazing flavors, check out our collection.

BLVK Pakistan has some of the best offerings for vapers across the country. Let’s take a look at them:

BLVK FRZN E-Liquids:

BLVK has a whole lineup of fruity flavors with menthol-induced vape juices. 

FRZNCHEE by BLVK: A blend of luscious and creamy lychees paired with mentholated ice to give you a burst of cold breeze and fruity flavor in your mouth.

FRZNPINA by BLVK: A concoction of tangy and zesty pineapples blended with cool and freezing menthol to satisfy your taste buds.

FRZNBERRY by BLVK: Luscious and exotic berries combined and mixed with frozen and icy menthol to give a tremendous breezy burst on the inhale. 

FRZNAPPLE by BLVK: Tangy and sweet, crispy green and red apples finished up with cool icy menthol for an incredible flavor. 

So who’s stopping you from indulging in tasty and flavorful vape juices? Get these e-liquids from us, or if you are looking for BLVK Unicorn Salt, you can check them also from E-lite Cigs collection.