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VGOD In Pakistan

Vape liquid companies have been playing around with e-juices for quite a long time. They have flipped some of the flavours with unique and distinctive. VGod is one of those e-liquid companies which have rolled out some of the best offerings to the vapers across the globe. If you are in search of the best salt nic in Pakistan, check VGod’s nicotine salt offerings from our collection. 

VGod has some of the best e-liquid series in their vape juice lineup. Let’s take a look at them:

VGod SaltNic E-Liquids:

VGod is a pioneer in creating incredible flavors with nicotine-infused in them. Let’s take a look at them:

VGod Berry Bomb SaltNic: Sour strawberries candies blended sweet strawberry infused with a tart flavor that burst into your mouth.

VGod Apple Bomb SaltNic: Tangy and sour green apples blended and mixed with sweet sugar that gives a tasty flavor to your taste buds. 

VGod Purple Bomb SaltNic: Sweetly vine-ripened and crisp, concord grapes with a hint of sugary grape candy to give you a burst of premium and exotic flavor in your mouth.

Mighty Mint: Your favorite wintergreen bubblegum is topped up with mentholated ice to give you a fresh breeze burst into your mouth.  

VGod Mango Bomb SaltNic: Luscious and succulent delicious mangoes that give you a delicately sweet and rich flavor when you take a puff of this vape juice from your device.

VGod ICED E-Juices:

VGod topped up their flavorful e-juices with mentholated ice to give a whole new taste to the vape juices.

VGod Berry Bomb ICED: Succulent and luscious strawberries paired with strawberry candies then topped up with cool and breezy ice.

VGod Mango Bomb ICED: Smooth and luscious mangoes blended with mentholated ice to give a flavorful and cold burst in your mouth.

VGod Apple Bomb ICED: A concoction of sour and zesty apples paired with sweet sugar topped up with icy menthol.

You don’t have to wait for any further now. Just get these incredible vape juices offered by VGod Pakistan from us and treat yourself with something superior