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Elite Cigs’s pod kit collection provides great options for those who don’t possess much vaping knowledge but are looking to get rid of their smoking habit. A pod kit is a portable, lightweight device that either comes pre-filled or has refillable pods instead of standard vape tanks. Pre-filled pods typically contain high nicotine or nicotine salt content e-liquid, making them perfect for anyone looking to quit smoking. Other pod devices feature refillable pods that can be filled with an e-liquid of your choice. They generally perform best with a 50:50 PG to VG ratio, high PG, or nicotine salt e-liquids. You can also opt for different unique and trending flavors of e-liquids if you have a refillable pod. So browse our pod collection now and discover convenient and compact pod devices by brands like Smok, Uwell, Vaporesso, and many more.  

Types Of Pod Vapes

Pod Vapes can vary in dimensions from a small cigarette lighter-sized device to a beefy sub-ohm kit that has the capacity for replaceable batteries. The pod is mostly used by beginners as it doesn’t require the use of additional parts such as advanced tanks or coils. At Elite Cigs, we have two different types of pod kits, so you can choose one that best suits your vaping style.

  • Closed Pods:
    Closed pods, better known as replaceable pods, are the most convenient pod system. They come with pre-filled e-liquids and a fixed coil. Once you finish the e-liquid, you can easily replace it with another that is compatible with your pod system.

  • Refillable Pods:
    Refillable pods, also known as open-system pods, allow you to fill your device with any e-liquid of your choice. You just have to buy the bottle of your favorite e-juice, and you are ready to go. You can find a huge variety of different kinds of e-liquids for everyone. Some contain high levels of nicotine, while others contain lower levels for a beginner’s use. 
  • If you want, you can even opt for some advanced pod kits, which allow you to interchange coils so that you can tailor your device based on your style of vaping.

    What E-Liquids Go Well With Small Vape Pods?

    Both types of pods, closed and open-system pods, employ plus-ohm coils that require less power and have higher resistance. E-liquids often contain a higher concentration of PG as compared to VG, which makes them ideal for pod devices since those blends vape best at lower power outputs. With that being said, the 50:50 e-juices also work amazingly with pod kits.

    There is also another factor that goes into the choosing of e-liquid. You should think about the nicotine content you want in your e-liquid. Most e-juices have nicotine levels that range from 0mg to 50mg. So depending on your tolerance, you can pick whichever flavor you like.

    Why Choose Elite Cigs?

    Elite Cigs have curated a selection of vaping products that are all exceptional. Our inventory is filled with products that are tried and tested by our team of professionals. This is to ensure that every product we offer gives the best vaping experience. In addition, all of our customers have been extremely satisfied with their every purchase. So who’s to say you won’t be too. 

    Boost Up Your Vaping Style & Get Some Improved Pod Devices & Systems

    At E-lite If you have stuck with the stick vape all your life, then it’s time to switch to a more sophisticated level of vaping with Pod devices by E-lite. These devices are although small but look elegant yet distinct in many ways offering a high impact of nicotine. Switch to pod mods rather than sucking large tanks of e-cigarette and devices, as it comes in both refillable and disposable devices with integrated coils. E-lite offers pod devices that can enable you to enjoy the best vaping you have never experienced earlier. 

    Different Mod Pod Vape Devices Offered By E-lite

    There are two choices from the range of pod devices offered by E-lite, which are sub-categorized into brands later. One part of these pod systems is available with pods that are filled by default. However, the others are refillable and are designed to be filled according to the need of vapers. The fundamental advantage of pre-filled pods is the portability and high-quality delivery of smoke and flavor. While the refillable pods have the benefit of accessibility so that you can pull as much as you want without worrying about juice running out. E-lite provides a cost and energy-efficient range of products, which makes it stand out from other companies in this field.