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AVDR Vape Juices In Pakistan

Vape juices flavors are one of the most important things for the vape device, and it really matters when it comes to vaping. They are smooth and tasty. They come with two or three flavors combined with menthol and some nicotine blended with them. AVDR E-Liquids are one of the most recognized e-juices in the vaping industry. If you are in search of the AVDR crystal series, check out our collection.

AVDR is one of the best vape juice companies among its competitors. Because of their tasty flavors, they have captured the market really well. Let’s take a look at the offerings from this brand:

AVDR Original Series:

AVDR started off their Original Series with a bang by adding some of the best e-liquids to their lineup. Let’s take a look at them:

Hotshot: A blend of luscious mangoes that will keep you hooked and glued to your vape device.

Iceman: Strawberries and honeydew paired together with cooling ice to give you a fruity breeze.

Ace: Zesty citrus and lemonade blended together to give you a tangy and tasty flavour on the inhale. 

Rocketeer: Concord grape with exotic blackcurrants mixed with a pinch of salt-nicotine to make you feel as if you’re on top of the world.  

Topgun: Luscious strawberries blended with ripened peaches for a smooth concoction.

Skipper: Sweet and tangy green apples paired with vine-ripened peaches for a zesty flavour whenever you take a hit of this vape juice.

Don’t wait any further and get these vape juices from. If you are amazed by reading AVDR Original Series details, get it from us. Check out the collection of AVDR in Pakistan at E-lite Cigs.