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Get The Most Authentic Vape Coils From E-Lite Cigs

Coils are a life-saver for the vapers and for their vaping devices. You get a whole different experience as well as enhanced flavor whenever you equip an aftermarket coil. Coils are one of the most important components inside your vaping device. If you are looking discount on vape coils, check out our collection. 

Vape coils help the vape device in producing clouds and giving out an improved flavor to the vaper. Let’s take a look at those coils:


Coils are the most important part of your vaping device. They mainly heat the vape juice inside the pod/tank and vaporize it. It lets you take a puff from the mouthpiece of the pod/tank. The cloud production depends on the resistance of the coils. You can equip the coil that is suitable according to your needs. 

Famous Coils at E-Lite Cigs:

Different brands create different vape replacement coils for the vapers. Every vaper equips the coil that is according to their preferences. 

Vaporesso NRG GT: Vaporesso is a well-recognized brand for creating and manufacturing vaping devices and their products. NRG GT is a whole line-up of coils that can be equipped to your Vaporesso devices.

Freemax Mesh Pro: Freemax has rolled out a wide range of kanthal mesh coils for vapers across the world. It gives an enhanced flavor. You get organic cotton in the box with coils as well. 

Vaporesso CCell-GD: If you are all about that high concentrated nicotine e-liquids, then equip these coils to your vaping device. You will get a more improved and better flavor than before. 

Aspire Nautilus 2S: A fair replacement for your Aspire Nautilius 0.4 ohm coil. These coils give you the DTL (direct-to-lung) vaping experience. These are compatible with Aspire K3 and Nautilus series tanks. It is an ideal option for vape replacement coils for your Aspire device and it’s tank. 

Order these amazing coils to get a more enhanced and incredible flavor on the inhale. E-lite Cigs have a discount on vape coils, get it from us and have a good time while vaping.