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E-Lite Cig's Disposable Vapes

Vaping has become a lot more exciting ever since the disposable category popped up in the scene. Literally, all you need to do Is fill a pod, plug it and go on puffing it to have the best vaping experience. 

There are different types of disposable vapes. Some devices even come with pre-filled pods, so all that you need to do is put the cartridge on your devices and get going. The best of the disposable category are the vapes that come pre-filled with flavours, and you discard the device once it's finished and move on to a new one.

All this has made vaping too easy. First, it was just the fanatics who could enjoy vaping with all the heavy mods and high wattage devices. Then, you have to learn about different types of coils, how to make them, how to set the devices to extract out the premium experience, etc.

Not anymore. If anyone is looking for a convenient vaping experience, then disposable vapes are just for that. 

Why choose disposable vapes?

Here are a few reasons for you to choose disposable e-cigs and vapes:


Traditional vapes can be anywhere from 8K to 25-30K. That's a lot of money for someone who just wants to have the nicotine and flavours without wanting anything fancy. The disposable vapes are pocket friendly, so it's super easy to maintain them.

Easy to use

With heavy-duty vape machines, you need to look after them regularly. You got to fill the tanks and even select the right accessories for them. Even the right batteries, coils and tanks. No such technicalities are required with disposable e-cigs and vapes.

Lots of excitement

With disposable vapes, you have tons and tons of flavour options that you can select to fill up your pods. Even the pre-filled ones come with exciting flavour options for you to choose.

What's next?

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