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DripMore Candy King E-Juices In Pakistan

E-Liquids have a distinctive and unique taste that makes the vaper addicted to them and ask for more. Many e-liquids have different tastes and flavours blended together to form an incredible combination. DripMore is one of the best vape juices companies in the vaping industry. It has released some of the craziest e-liquids that has made all the vapers go bonkers over this brand. If you are looking for some juiciest flavors, check out our collection right now.

Drip More E-juices has released some of the best series of e-juices. It has a unique taste with an amazing throat hit. Let’s take a look at those blends:

Famous DripMore Candy King E-Juices:

Candy King Vape juices are an ideal option for the vapers who want flavorful taste with a strong throat hit.

Strawberry Rolls - Candy King On Ice:

An incredible combination of succulent and luscious strawberries that have a bursting taste with fresh and fruity flavour topped up with mentholated ice to treat your taste buds with the amazing blend. 

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum - Candy King On Ice: 

Your favourite sweet and sugary chewing gum with luscious and succulent strawberries that are paired with exotic watermelons then topped up with cool and icy menthol to give you a burst of flavours with a cool and icy effect inside your mouth.

Peachy Rings - Candy King On Ice:

Softy and fuzzy peaches paired up with peach orchards topped up with mentholated ice that will treat your taste buds with the best vaping experience. 

Why E-Lite Cigs?

At E-Lite Cigs, we make sure that we provide what our customers need. If you are looking to enjoy a vaping experience full of incredible with increased cloud vapor production, then check out the collection. Get these Candy King vape juices from us and get on a vaping journey today!