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Get FREAK OUT AND VAPE in Pakistan

E-Liquids are the backbone of your vaping experience. They are connected to your pod, tank, and coil, later on giving you the desired flavour you want from your vaping device. Freak Out and Vape is one of those amazing brands that has created and produced incredible mixtures for the vaping industry. If you are looking for delicate flavours, check out our collection. 

Freak Out and Vape has some of the best e-liquids in Pakistan under its belt that are pure head-turners because of their unique taste. Let’s take a look at them:

Famous Mixtures of Freak Out and Vape:

Freak Out and Vape has rolled out some of the great concoctions that are tobacco-infused for the fellow vapers out there. 

Coffee Bourbon Tobacco:

A premium combination of classic brewed coffee finished with sweet bourbon topped up with high-quality tobacco. 

Maple Nuts Tobacco:

Classic and premium tobacco with a hint of maple drizzle topped up with superior walnuts that make an incredible concoction that you can take a pull from your vaping device after a hectic day. 

Vanilla Praline Tobacco: 

A wonderful blend of creamy and luscious vanilla mixed up with sweet and tasty praline is topped up with classic tobacco to give you a fantastic flavor on the inhale.

Order these vape juices from E-lite Cigs and have a good time vaping with these incredible e-liquids.