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Get KILO E-Liquids In Pakistan From E-Lite Cigs

Vape juices are the best thing that has ever happen to the vaping industry. Back then we had pre-filled e-cigs or just basic e-liquids. Now we have a whole arsenal of different e-liquids that caters for every vaper. KILO E-Liquids is one of those brands that creates and produces very unique and distinctive e-juices for vapers across the world. If you are in search of something tangy and fruity, check our collection. 

KILO E-Liquids have some of the best combinations as compared to its competitors. Let’s have a look at those offerings by the brand:

Sour Series of KILO E-Liquids:

KILO has rolled out some of the amazing mixtures that are topped up with some sour for fellow vapers around the world.

Blue Raspberry Sours Ice:
Your favorite sweet and sour candy that is blended and mixed up with blueberries then topped up with mentholated ice to give you a fresh and fruity burst inside your mouth.

Green Apple Sours:

An incredible concoction of green tangy and sour apples topped up with sweet and sour candy that creates an amazing combination.

Strawberry Sours Ice:

Succulent and luscious strawberries paired with your favorite sweet and sour candy then topped up with cool breezy ice that gives a flavorful taste to your taste buds.

Get these incredible juices of Kilo E-Liquids from E-lite Cigs and turn your hectic day into an amazing one.