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Get All The Puff Bars In Pakistan From E-Lite Cigs

Disposable vaporizers are a blessing because they have a distinctive and unique taste. What’s more interesting about disposable vaporizers is that they come in various flavors. You can always change to a newer and different one. Puff Bar is one of those brands that has released some of the best disposable vaporizers for vapers around the world. All of the disposable vaporizers have a fruity and exciting flavor inside them. If you are in looking for where to buy Puff Bars, check out our collection right now. 

Puff Bar is one of the amazing brands that have rolled out some of the great flavors in disposable vaporizers among its competitors. Let’s take a look at them:

Famous Flavors of Puff Bars:

You can find different and distinctive flavors of Puff Bars in our collection. Let’s check them out.

Lychee Ice: Luscious and succulent lychees paired and blended with cool mentholated ice to give a burst inside your mouth whenever you take a puff. 

Mango: Juicy and flavorful mangoes that give a tropical and sweet flavor on the inhale. 

Cool Mint: A fresh and cool flavor of mint that gives a freezing and icy finishing effect when you take a pull from the vaporizer.

Banana Ice: Juicy and smooth yellow bananas paired and blended with cool icy menthol to give you a burst of flavor with freezing effect. 

Blue RazzA combination of blue raspberries paired up with red raspberries gives a sweet and sour flavor on the finishing notes.

What’s more interesting about these disposable vaporizers is that they can give you 300+ puffs. It means you can have a fun ride with them.

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