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Authentic SKWEZED E-Juices At E-Lite Cigs

Vape juices are a combination of two or three amazing flavors paired with a little amount or sometimes a high amount of nicotine to give you a better vaping experience. Skwezed is a pioneer in producing and creating some of the great combinations for vapers across the world. So far, it has some of the amazing concoctions under its belt. If you are looking for some delicious flavors, check out our collection.

Skwezed is one of those brands among its competitors that has satisfied and fulfilled every vapers needs. Let’s take a look at their e-liquids lineup:

Skwezed Salt Series:

Skwezed vape juices have rolled out a whole series of salt-infused e-liquids. 

Mango Ice Salt: A concoction of luscious and succulent mangoes topped up with mentholated ice and finished with premium salt-nicotine to give you a fruity flavor with a strong throat hit.

Lychee Ice Salt: Luscious, succulent and fruity lychees paired and topped up with cool and icy menthol that is blended with good quality salt-nicotine to give you a burst of flavors inside your mouth.

Peach Ice Salt: Mouthwatering and pure peaches paired with freshly squeezed nectar that is blended with mentholated ice then topped up with salt-nicotines to give you a smooth flavor on the inhale.

Skwezed Fruit Series:

Skwezed e-juices has a whole arsenal of fruity flavors e-liquids that will be a treat for the vapers.

Grapefruit by Skwezed: Freshly-squeezed pink grapefruit with a balance of sweet and tangy finish that will be a flavorful treat for you. 

Green Apple by Skwezed: Refreshing and crispy green apples with a perfect balance of tanginess and sweetness will be too good for your taste buds. 

Mango by Skwezed: A luscious blend of succulent and juicy mangoes that will be a burst of delicious flavor inside your mouth. 

Order these fantastic e-juices of Skwezed from E-Lite Cigs and get on a vaping journey right now.